Perfect your Drymix concrete products with our Superplasticisers, also called High-Range Water Reducers (HRWR). These additives redefine concrete composition by reducing water content significantly, ranging from 12 to 30 percent. Specifically designed for low-to-normal slump and water-cement ratio concrete, Superplasticisers empower the creation of high-slump flowing concrete, a highly fluid yet workable material that can be effortlessly placed with minimal or no vibration and compaction.

The innovative properties of Superplasticisers enhance the fluidity and workability of concrete, allowing for efficient placement without compromising structural integrity. Their ability to reduce water content not only improves the handling of the material but also contributes to the strength and durability of the final construction.

Elevate your Drymix projects with our advanced Superplasticisers, setting a new standard for efficiency and versatility in concrete formulation.

Trust in our expertise to optimize your concrete mixtures, ensuring ease of placement and superior performance in your construction endeavors.


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