Tego® range are cationic emulsifiers for various asphalt emulsion settings rates in asphalt and bitumen applications.

L 300 N
Tego® ADDIBIT L 300 N is 100% active component, liquid cationic rapid set emulsifier.Acts as an adhesion agent and may be used in cationic bitumen emulsions, particularly in combination with all common and acidic aggregates. Excellent bonding properties after setting of the emulsion.Dosage is 0.2 – 0.3 % as emulsifier for cationic emulsions.
Tego® ADDIBIT EM 20Tego® ADDIBIT ADDIBIT EM 20 is a liquid, non-ionic emulsifier based on glycerol esters.Tego® ADDIBIT EM20 enhances solvent-free tack coat emulsions with ease of handling and superior emulsification. Its eco-friendly profile includes low water hasard classification and biodegradability. Enabling formulation of completely solvent-free emulsions, and passes the dust wetting test.Dosage is 4 – 5% added to the bitumen phase.


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