Spalling on the walls of the Pentagon

Restoration of all exterior walls of the Pentagon

Migratory corrosion inhibitor (MCI) for concrete.

Repairing corrosion of embedded reinforced steel caused by carbonation.


Corrosion of embedded reinforcing steel was causing spalling on the walls. It was determined that the cause was carbonation to a 3.5 inch depth on the walls, which lowered the pH of the concrete​.


The repair design parameters included: a minimum 20 year design life, stop water absorption into the walls, must reduce or stop corrosion, and that the appearance of the walls be changed as little as possible, or not at all.  The repair program prior to coating included 1,000,000 ft2 of surface area. ​


MCI® -2020 V/O and ChemMaster’s Colorsil were chosen to repair and protect the walls based on their 20 year warranties and the fact that together they could fulfill the other specified repair design requirements.

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