ConstructionAdditives for Drymix

Additives for Drymix

Transform your drymix projects with our advanced additives, featuring Air Entraining Agents and Superplastisers sourced from the trusted Innospec brand. Our two drymix air entraining agents offer tailored solutions. The first is a sodium alkyl sulphate version ensures controlled air incorporation, homogenous micro-pore distribution, and minimised crack formation in plaster after drying. Another variant, featuring sodium alpha olefin sulphonates and sodium alkyl benzene sulphonate, enhances mortar workability and reduces setting times.

Superplasticisers, also known as High-Range Water Reducers (HRWR), redefine concrete composition. With a remarkable 12 to 30 percent water content reduction, these additives empower the creation of high-slump flowing concrete. This flowing concrete boasts exceptional fluidity and workability, allowing placement with minimal vibration or compaction.

Elevate your drymix projects with our cutting-edge additives, optimising air entrainment, and enhancing workability. From controlled air incorporation to reduced setting times and improved mortar flow, our additives offer versatility and efficiency.

Incorporate Superplasticisers for a significant water content reduction, enabling the creation of flowing concrete with ease. Trust in our expertise to enhance the quality and efficiency of your drymix projects. Optimize your formulations with our advanced Air Entraining Agents and Superplastisers, setting a new standard for excellence for drymix concrete.

Choose quality, choose innovation—choose our Air Entraining Agents and Superplasticisers for mortar and plaster applications.


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