Admixtures On-Site Addition

Revolutionise on-site concrete protection and repair with our On-Site Addition Admixtures, water-based organic corrosion inhibitors offering a breakthrough in environmental responsibility and application convenience. With significantly lower toxicity, reduced environmental impact, and optimized dosage rates compared to traditional inhibitors, these additives provide comprehensive protection for both cathode and anode.

Their unique ability to migrate through porous materials ensures a thorough defense mechanism. Packaged as pre-measured powder in water-soluble bags, these admixtures streamline on-site application, offering unmatched convenience.

Simply add the water-soluble bags to the concrete mix or repair mortar on-site, providing a hassle-free solution that aligns with sustainable construction practices.

Elevate your concrete projects with this advanced on-site addition, setting a new standard for both environmental consciousness and efficient concrete protection and repair.


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