ConstructionAdditives for Tunneling

Additives for Tunneling

Explore our comprehensive range of additives tailored for Earth Pressure Balance (EPB) tunneling applications, ensuring optimal soil conditioning throughout the excavation process. Our offerings include advanced Formulated Foaming Agent, Foaming Agents, Foam Stabilisers, and a specialised Catalyst for foam cavity filling. These additives play a pivotal role in enhancing safety and efficiency during soil extraction, particularly in challenging site conditions.

Choosing the right foam profile is critical for seamless soil extraction. Our experts collaborate with you to develop bespoke foaming agent formulations, ensuring tailored solutions that align with your project’s unique requirements. Our commitment to innovation and customisation empowers you to navigate extreme tunneling conditions with confidence.

Whether you are seeking superior soil conditioning, efficient foam stabilisation, or precise foam cavity filling, our additives are engineered to elevate your tunneling endeavors. Trust in our expertise to deliver cutting-edge solutions that optimize performance, enhance safety, and streamline the soil extraction process in your EPB tunneling projects. Partner with us for tailored formulations that redefine the standards of efficiency and safety in tunneling applications.

We offer a range of soil conditioning agents for Earth Pressure Balance (EPB) tunneling applications. Alongside our foaming agents we supply foam stabilisers and a catalyst for foam cavity filling.

Selecting the correct foam profile ensures the job of soil extraction can be completed in a safer and more efficient manner, especially when operating under extreme site conditions, we can work together to create tailor made foaming agent formulations.


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