Admixtures Amino Alcohol Based

Revitalise concrete durability with our Amino Alcohol Based Admixtures, specialised additives for superior protection and repair. As corrosion inhibiting marvels, these admixtures uniquely shield both cathode and anode, ensuring comprehensive defense.

Crafted from organic materials, they boast lower toxicity and environmental impact compared to traditional alternatives like Calcium nitrite. Remarkably, these additives have the ability to migrate, extending protection to adjacent areas and surrounding metals. Their efficiency is highlighted by a single dosage rate application, unaffected by anticipated exposure to corrosive elements.

Thoroughly tested in lab and field environments, these admixtures come with a rich history of successful case studies, promising unmatched reliability in safeguarding concrete structures. Elevate your projects with these advanced additives, setting a new standard for longevity, environmental responsibility, and resilience in concrete protection and repair.


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