Cationic Emulsifier

Delve into the technology of our Cationic Rapid Setting Emulsifiers (CRS) and Cationic Slow Setting Emulsifiers (CSS), that offer control and customisation in asphalt applications. CRS serves as a dynamic solution, swiftly reacting with aggregates to transition from emulsion to bitumen state rapidly. This rapid setting is ideal for projects demanding quick construction turnaround, showcasing the adaptability of CRS to meet tight deadlines and ensuring efficient road development.

In contrast, CSS caters to scenarios where maximum mixing stability is paramount. Tailored for projects requiring a slower setting process, CSS provides engineers with enhanced control over the emulsion’s reaction time, ensuring meticulous mixing and stable emulsions. This precision is crucial for applications where there is a preference for gradual setting process. This will contribute to improved workability and durability of the asphalt mixture.

These versatile additives address rapid-setting for time-sensitive projects to meticulous stability for complex applications. These emulsifiers showcase the pinnacle of customisation in bitumen technology for your asphalt formulations, and set new benchmarks for efficiency and reliability in road construction.


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