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Air Entraining Agent

Our specialised air entraining agents, branded Empicol® and Nansa®, are designed to transform plaster and mortar performance. These agents not only reduce the weight of plaster but also enhance crack resistance, boosting insulation properties post-drying. Unlock superior flow properties in mortar and plaster slurries with our high-performance additives.

Empicol® and Nansa® operate by utilising surfactants to lower surface tension in aqueous media through adsorption at the interface. This unique mechanism results in improved workability, anti-shrinkage properties, sag resistance, water retention, and frost resistance in mortar. Dosage typically ranges between 0.01% and 0.03% by weight of cement, with the introduced air amount tailored to the specific plaster or mortar type and the mixing device employed.

Opt for our air entraining agents to experience mortar and plaster formulations that not only meet but exceed industry standards. Elevate your projects with enhanced workability, anti-shrinkage properties, and overall durability.


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