Oil and Gas

A S Harrison & Co continues to work with some of the largest oil and gas exploration and production companies in Australia and abroad.

Chemical solutions improving Oil & Gas economics

AS Harrison is an experienced partner who offers customised solutions to your business challenges. Collaboration with key partners have allowed us to develop, design and manufacture a broad scope of chemical products and integrated fluid systems.

Chemical Performance and Improved Bottom Line

We supply chemicals for drilling, completion, production, and pipeline operations. We have been successful in identifying situations where preventative planning, chemical optimisation, and improved monitoring can help improve economics without sacrificing chemical performance.

The majority of our drilling products are patented chemicals for unique answers to many drilling challenges ensuring optimal drilling fluid performance and economics are achieved.

Customer Experienced Laboratory

We are able to leverage our Customer Experienced Laboratory (CEL) in Sydney, Australia and tap into our regionally focused laboratories (owned and run by our key partners), logistics, and expertise ensure a high level of dedicated service in every oilfield sector.

Comprehensive Production Chemical Product Lines

We offer one of the most comprehensive production chemical product lines in the industry. We are able to offer laboratory testing, field surveys and highly experienced technical personnel ensure performance by developing treatment programs on a well by well basis.

Pipeline Chemical Portfolio

Our world-class pipeline chemical portfolio and high touch customer service provide a wide range of solutions to ensure asset integrity and flow assurance in daily pipeline operations. In addition, we support many midstream operations, such as gathering systems and gas processing, with services including asset integrity, flow assurance, and hydro testing.

We offer an extensive range of products that will complement the benefits beyond your Oil & Gas needs that include:

Drillings: Meet your drillings additive need with our wide range of products from water based mud systems, water loss squeeze pills, lost circulation material and liquid friction reducer.

Production: Our unique production chemical solutions is customised to address production optimisation and flow assurance. This can be achieved by using our defoamers, scale control and scavengers.

Water Treatment Technology: The combination of our expertise in Oil& Gas Industry and Water Treatment solution enables the oil fields to extend their water treatment plant life span.

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We also offer technical support and specifications for our oil & gas products.

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