A S Harrison & Co Pty Limited is a growing organisation established in 1923. It's a knowledge-based agency and distribution business, importing and supplying a unique portfolio of specialty chemical additives.

A S Harrison & CoConnecting you with high-value add ingredients, additives and technical solutions.

Established in 1923, A S Harrison & Co Pty Limited is a knowledge-based agency and a major channel partner for some of the most cutting-edge specialty additive manufacturers in the world.

We import and supply Australia and New Zealand with a unique portfolio of specialty chemical additives. Our head office is located in Sydney’s northern suburbs and has branch offices in Perth and Auckland.

Many of our customers rank in the top 100 of Australian and New Zealand industry. We partner with some of the world’s leading producers of chemical specialities.

Warehouse and logistics

We utilise an extensive warehousing and logistics network to supply and service customers within Australia, New Zealand, the South Pacific and Asia. A S Harrison & Co recognise the importance of operational efficiency. This means it is important to deliver our products in pack sizes that align with your specific process to ensure that you can use our products effectively and efficiently.

A S Harrison & Co has a sophisticated logistics network spanning Australia, New Zealand, the South Pacific and South-East Asia. Whether it be decanting, dangerous goods or refrigerated transport, we have systems in place to ensure the efficient delivery of all our customers’ needs, in full and on time.

Quality Management

A S Harrison & Co utilise an Integrated Management System that manages all activities relating to Environment, Safety, Health and Quality (ESHQ) standards. Our processes are regularly reviewed and audited internally and by Best Practice. We have been certified to ISO 9001 since 1994 and ISO 14001 since 2017. Furthermore, we maintain certification of HACCP standards to accommodate the diverse needs of our customers.

A S Harrison & Co is a privately owned company under the Harrison Group of Companies.

Customer Engagement Laboratory (CEL)

The A S Harrison & Co Customer Engagement Laboratory (CEL) was launched in early 2020. The CEL has been designed to support our customers in the region, as well as providing support to our supply partners. The CEL strengthens our ability to provide solutions needed by our customers and suppliers in the area of end-use product development, formulation design techniques, product launch, field trial management and product testing.

Along with ISO-accredited standards of quality control, the CEL will increase capacity to manage our growing fleet of customised reusable packing and decanted product lines.

The facility will be a valuable hub to our industry, extending itself to training of our staff and customers with video conferencing and product demonstration capabilities.

The CEL is located alongside our existing custom-built Distribution Centre which was commissioned in 2012.


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