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    Introducing the All New SpectraSyn™ MaX 3.5 PAO

    What is SpectraSyn™ MaX 3.5? SpectraSyn™ MaX 3.5 is the next generation polyalphaolefin (PAO) that leverages a unique structure to achieve an exceptional low viscosity and low volatility balance (LVLV). Key benefits of SpectraSyn™ MaX 3.5 Global trends favour reduced CO2 emissions, and automotive OEMs are aggressively pursuing lower viscosity engine oil and EV driveline Continue Reading

    Solutions for Growth

    A S Harrison & Co in association with Innospec can provide you with specialty chemicals for the agriculture market. Our adjuvants, emulsifiers, specialty solvents, wetting and chelating agents are used widely in formulations. We develop the technology that optimises formulations for crop protection, plant nutrition, soil improvers, tank-mix adjuvants and wood preservatives. These are time Continue Reading

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