Redi-Guard™ Mud System

Savings of 29% on Well Costs and cutting 2 Days off average drill time

Keeping drilling costs low

Innospec’s Redi-Guard™ High Performance is an ecologically friendly drilling fluid technology with revolutionary rheological and shale encapsulation properties.


An E&P Operator drilling the last lateral well of a four-well pad in the Parkman Sandstone formation planned to drill an 8 ½” lateral hole section from 7500’ to the 17656’ lateral section.

Using a complex and complicated water-based dispersed mud system in the three previous wells, the operator experienced issues including maxed out torque limits before reaching TD and poor pressure management heading into the end of the wells. These issues led to each well taking 5.5 days to drill.​


Redi-Guard™ High Performance Water-based Mud System, a low solid non dispersed system resistant to clays and to CO2 contamination when used in conjunction with I-Lube™ solution.

During the field trial, the surface casing was set at 2250’ and drilled out with F/W running through the dewatering system. The water was drilled from casing shoe to 6000’, followed by mud up with the Redi-Guard system​.

Drilling with an average ROP of 180-250 from start of well to TD, lower torque was maintained by 15-20%. The operator was also able to hold 20% higher weight on bit.


The 600 and 300 rheology numbers were 30% lower, resulting in lower pump pressure at higher GPM and Redi-Guard proved extremely easy to mix with only two additives and a lubricant. 

The six (6) and three (3) lower sheer rheology numbers were 30% higher, resulting in improved hole cleaning performance which, in turn, helped with
torque and drag.

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