ConstructionAdditives for Concrete Mould Release Agents

Additives for Concrete Mould Release Agents

Revolutionise your concrete molding process with our premium additives for concrete mould release agents. Designed to prevent adhesion between fresh concrete and mould/formwork crafted from plywood, steel, or aluminum, our solutions guarantee seamless release and elevate surface finishing. We offer an extensive range of emulsifiers tailored for water-based formulations, providing formulators with diverse Hydrophilic Lipophilic Balance (HLB) values.

This versatility empowers you to choose the perfect product for your unique application, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency. Trust in our expertise to enhance your concrete molding experience, delivering superior results with ease. Explore our comprehensive range and discover the transformative potential of our concrete mould release agent additives.

Elevate your projects with precision and reliability, setting the stage for impeccable concrete finishing.


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