ConstructionAdditives for Concrete Protection & Repair

Additives for Concrete Protection & Repair

Concrete deterioration due to corroding rebar is a pervasive issue leading to costly repairs, financial losses, and safety concerns. This corrosion, stemming from an electrochemical process, occurs when dissimilar metals are embedded or variations exist in surface characteristics. Additives play a crucial role in concrete protection and repair, offering solutions during the mixing process to extend service life.

Admixtures for Concrete Protection and Repair

MCI® admixtures stand out for their independence from chlorides, providing protection even in cracked concrete. Amino Alcohol Based and Amine Carboxylate Based admixtures, along with On-Site Additions, cater to diverse project needs.

In concrete repair, MCI® ensures longevity by slowing corrosion rates and tackling the ring anode effect. It seamlessly integrates into repair mixtures, migrating through adjacent areas to shield embedded reinforcement. Additionally, MCI® serves as a passivating grout for exposed rebar or as a topical treatment for existing surfaces.

Topical (Surface) Treatment for Concrete Protection and Repair

For existing structures, MCI® offers topical treatments, in Amine Carboxylate Based and for Water Repellent uses, penetrating and migrating through cementitious materials to protect embedded metal. Versatile enough for vertical, overhead, and horizontal surfaces, MCI® surface treatments provide corrosion resistance, with some variants including sealants for added protection.

Concrete protection and repair are critical, and MCI® additives are at the forefront, addressing corrosion challenges comprehensively. From preventing cracks to slowing corrosion rates and offering topical treatments, MCI® stands as a versatile and effective solution. Elevate your concrete projects, ensuring extended service life and resilience against corrosive elements, with our advanced range of MCI® additives.

Trust in our expertise to mitigate the impact of corrosion, safeguarding structures for the long term.


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