A S Harrison & Co has been supplying premium grease additives for decades.

Grease Chemicals

Performance additives

We are able to offer a wide range of premium grease componentry and packages to improve lubricating grease performance such as:

  • Extreme pressure additives
  • Anti-wear additives
  • Friction modifiers
  • Rust inhibitors
  • Corrosion inhibitors
  • Metal deactivators
  • Demulsifiers
  • Tackifiers
  • Solid lubricants; Molybdenum Disulfide, PTFE Powder

Raw materials

  • Aluminium complex reagent
  • Lithium Hydroxide
  • Calcium sulfonates
  • Speciality base oils & thickeners

Formulation assistance

We can provide formulation assistance through our in-house laboratory, an extensive knowledge database of grease formulation, and access to extensive testing equipment.


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