ConstructionAdditives for Bitumen

Additives for Bitumen

Unlock the full potential of your bitumen applications with A S Harrison & Co’s comprehensive range of cutting-edge bitumen additives. Our meticulously crafted additives cater to diverse applications, enhancing crucial aspects such as adhesion, viscosity, and environmental sustainability.

Explore our Adhesion Promoters, integral for extending the service life of roads by fortifying the bond between aggregate and bitumen. These additives not only enhance adhesion but also boost hardness, soften points, and improve deformation resistance.

Discover the versatility of Bitumen Emulsifiers, including both amphoteric and cationic varieties, providing efficiency in overheated and cutback forms. Emulsifying bitumen not only reduces viscosity without constant heating but also introduces eco-friendly benefits, minimising Volatile Organic Carbon (VOC) and lowering storage and transportation costs.

Discover the applications of Amphoteric Emulsifiers, ideal for stable emulsions in low temperatures and compatible with cold, damp aggregates. Explore the dynamic range of Cationic Emulsifiers, featuring Cationic Rapid Setting emulsifiers (CRS) for quick reactions with aggregates and Cationic Slow Setting Emulsifiers (CSS) for maximum mixing stability.

Elevate road construction with our Crumb Rubber Additive, a patented blend of polyoctenamer and ground tire rubber. Derived from innovative rubber recycling, Vestenamer® forms a durable, non-sticky binder for asphalt, improving road longevity, resistance to heavy traffic, and efficiency in preventative maintenance

Revolutionise your asphalt performance with our Viscosity Modifiers, designed to lower viscosity in warm mix asphalt, enhance hardness, soften points, and elevate deformation resistance. Elevate your bitumen projects with A S Harrison & Co’s transformative additives, setting the benchmark for excellence in the industry.


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