Sea Buckthorn Story

A small medicinal plant cherished for over 1,200 years for its incredible healing, nutritive and therapeutic properties.

No match for their carotenoids content

Considered one of the most important natural resources of China and Russia, the berries feature a high content of carotenoids (Pro Vitamin A, tocopherols (Vitamin E), Vitamin K, Vitamin C, essential fatty acids, Vitamin B-12, etc.


There have been numerous recent published clinical studies evaluating the clinical effects of the ingredients found in Sea Buckthorn Oil.  In addition to the studies that showed a lowering of the stress hormone Coritsol, increased the performance hormone DHEA, lowered the bad blood lipids (ldl, cholesterol, triglycerides), raised the good blood lipids (HDL) for a healthier heart, improved mental performance, and increased energy there are over 400 human clinical studies on Sea Buckthorn.


Alcoholic extracts of leaves and fruits of Sea Buckthorn were found to inhibit chromium induced free radical production, apoptosis, DNA fragmentation and restored the antioxidant status to that of control cells. The leaf and fruit extracts improved the antioxidant defense system of the cells by increasing the intracellular GSH levels and inhibiting ROS production. In addition, these extracts were able to arrest the chromium induced inhibition of lymphocyte proliferation, indicating that the extracts also have immunodulating activity. These observations suggest that the alcoholic extracts of leaves and fruits of Sea Buckthorn have marked cytoprotective properties, which could be attributed to the antioxidant activity.


Research indicates that Sea Buckthorn may be able to strengthen the immune system. One in vitro study focused on the possible immunomodulatory properties of Sea Buckthorn.

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