ConstructionAdditives for Plasterboard

Additives for Plasterboard

Additives for plasterboard play a crucial role in enhancing the performance and properties of gypsum-based construction materials. These additives cater to various aspects, from improving the foaming characteristics to optimising fluidity and aiding in the grinding process of gypsum.

Low Coalescence Foaming Agent Additives for Plasterboard

Low coalescence foaming agents are additives designed to generate stable and fine foam in plasterboard formulations. This type of foaming agent ensures uniform air distribution, contributing to enhanced insulation properties and reduced density in the plasterboard. It is particularly beneficial for achieving lightweight structures with improved thermal and acoustic characteristics.

Medium Coalescence Foaming Agent Additives for Plasterboard

Medium coalescence foaming agents serve as versatile additives in plasterboard applications. They provide a balanced compromise between stability and drainage in the foam structure, making them suitable for diverse construction requirements. This type of foaming agent is often chosen for applications where a moderate level of foam stability and drainage is desired.

High Coalescence Foaming Agent Additives for Plasterboard

High coalescence foaming agents are engineered for applications where prolonged foam stability is paramount. These additives create a robust and long-lasting foam structure in plasterboard, offering superior crack resistance and improved overall strength. High coalescence foaming agents are particularly beneficial in scenarios where extended processing times are required.

Fluidisers Additives for Plasterboard

Fluidisers are additives that enhance the flow properties of gypsum-based formulations. By reducing friction between particles, fluidisers improve the workability of plasterboard mixtures, making them easier to handle and ensuring a smoother application process. This results in increased efficiency during construction and improved overall product quality.

Gypsum Grinding Aids Additives for Plasterboard

Gypsum Grinding Aids are additives used during the milling process to enhance the efficiency of gypsum grinding. These aids improve the grindability of gypsum, leading to reduced energy consumption and finer particle size distribution. Gypsum grinding aids contribute to more efficient production processes, resulting in plasterboard with improved setting times and enhanced mechanical properties.

Incorporating these additives into plasterboard formulations allows for customisation, optimising various aspects of the material’s performance and contributing to the creation of high-quality, efficient, and durable construction materials.


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