A S Harrison & Co provides innovative, sustainable, and high-quality chemicals and additives for agriculture. Their comprehensive range caters to animal, plant, soil, and water treatment and protection needs, making them an ideal partner for formulators and professionals in the agricultural industry.

Formulators and professionals in agriculture should consider partnering with A S Harrison & Co for their chemicals and additives due to the company’s commitment to innovation, sustainability, and quality. With a comprehensive range of products tailored for animal treatment and protection, plant treatment and protection, soil treatment and protection, as well as water treatment and protection, A S Harrison & Co offers solutions that address diverse needs across the agricultural sector.

Animal Treatment & Protection

A S Harrison & Co’s range of additives, including Aluminum Phosphate and aluminum hydroxide gels, showcases a proactive approach to animal treatment and protection in agriculture. These additives play crucial roles in enhancing vaccine efficacy and bolstering immune responses in animals. By harnessing the potential of such additives, the agricultural sector can ensure the health and well-being of livestock, thereby fostering sustainable and thriving farming practices.

Plant Treatment & Protection

Agricultural additives provided by A S Harrison & Co play diverse and indispensable roles in enhancing plant treatment and protection strategies. By understanding their functions and incorporating them into formulations, farmers can optimise crop yield, quality, and sustainability, ensuring food security for present and future generations.

Soil Treatment & Protection

In the dynamic landscape of Australian agriculture, soil treatment and protection are essential for sustaining productivity and ensuring environmental health. A S Harrison & Co’s additives play critical roles in enhancing soil quality, promoting plant growth, and mitigating environmental impacts. From clays to microbial solutions and turf treatments, each additive serves a specific function in optimising soil health and productivity.

Water Treatment & Protection

Water treatment and protection additives offered by A S Harrison & Co are instrumental in maintaining water quality and ecosystem health in agricultural settings. These additives offer solutions for various challenges, from enhancing biogas production to treating industrial and municipal lagoons and promoting the growth of beneficial algae in water bodies.

Environment, Safety, Health and Quality (ESHQ) Management

A S Harrison & Co manages ESHQ through an integrated management system certified to ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 by Best Practice. This includes an ISO 19600:2015 based compliance management system to maintain regulatory compliance, ensuring the highest standards of quality and environmental responsibility.

Customer Experience Lab (CEL)

The A S Harrison & Co Customer Engagement Laboratory (CEL) supports customers and supply partners by providing solutions in end-use product development, formulation design techniques, product launch, field trial management, and product testing. The CEL strengthens the company’s ability to meet the needs of its stakeholders.

Our ESG Commitment

A S Harrison & Co is committed to Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance (ESG) principles in agriculture, ensuring responsible business practices that consider environmental impact, social responsibility, and corporate governance in all operations.

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