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Crumb Rubber Additive

Transform road construction with our innovative Crumb Rubber Additive, a cutting-edge blend of polyoctenamer and ground tire rubber (GTR). This patented process enhances the durability and performance of asphalt concrete pavements, offering sustainable solutions for the rubber industry and masterbatch production.

Revolutionising Polymer-Modified Asphalt, Vestenamer® integrates into road construction through rubber recycling. By combining Vestenamer® with GTR rubber powder, we create a rubber-like, bituminous binder. Unlike non-reactive rubber powder, Vestenamer® ensures a less sticky compound, enabling seamless application to road surfaces.

This advanced compound improves resistance to heavy-load traffic, reduces ice formation, mitigates cracks, and minimizes the required thickness of layers in preventative maintenance. Our Crumb Rubber Additive promotes eco-friendly practices by incorporating recycled rubber, creating resilient roads for the future.

Choose our Crumb Rubber Additive with Vestenamer® for enhanced asphalt performance, reduced environmental impact, and a commitment to sustainability. Elevate your projects with solutions designed for longevity, eco-consciousness, and optimal road resilience. Join us in shaping a future where roads are not just constructed but are environmentally conscious, durable, and built for lasting performance.


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