Dispersant​ Copper and Gold Concentrator ​

Reducing costly plant shutdowns by using DEHSCOFIX® DK50

Reducing matted slurry in copper and gold concentrator ​

The reduction of matted slurry using DEHSCOFIX® DK50 from a 3kg bags to 1 bag per week.


This open pit produces 15 000 tonnes/month at 22.5% copper with gold credits. The ore contains asbestos fiber which forms a mat that blocks pipelines, transition boxes, rotors and stators in the flotation circuit. 

The plant was experiencing weekly shutdowns for fiber clean up (~ 3 kg bags of matted slurry is cleaned per week).​  The shut downs were costly as they reduce plant availability for production.

The most common form of asbestos is chrysotile and the outer surface of chrysotile is dominated by Mg giving the fiber a net positive charge.  A number of factors can impact on this and can remove the outermost Mg layer leaving a silicate surface with a negative charge.


Innospec’s DEHSCOFIX® DK50 was recommended with an estimated plant dosage @ 70 g/t added at the mill.


Following the addition of DEHSCOFIX® DK50, fiber build up on cell walls, dart valves, rotors and vanes disappeared and the 3kg bags of matted slurry collected per week reduced to 1 bag​.

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