Zano®’s Positive Reef Initiative

Choosing Zano® is more than choosing a reef-safe filter. It is a way to actively contribute to having an influence on coral reef restoration through EverCare’s Positive Reef Initiative.

EverCare’s commitment is reflected in their three Pillar initiatives:

Pillar 1
A balanced view on ZnO in water
  1. Zn is naturally present in the environment.
  2. ZnO toxicity profile in water is associated with the release of Zn2+ ions.
    • High Zn2+concentrations and long exposure time can bleach coral.
    • Concentrations are very well characterized
    • Observed levels well below the predicted no-effect concentration
  3. Rapid degradability of ZnO (equivalent to biodegradability).
    • Through the water column test
    • Dissolved Zn2+ ions are rapidly complexed
    • ZnO is rapidly degradable
Pillar 2
Contribute to coral reef restoration
  1. Unique partnership:
    • EverCare, Love the Oceans and the University of Leeds
    • Two-phased research project in Mozambique
    • Active reef restoration projects
  2. Phase 1: Coral demographics and permanent plots project.
    • Evaluating long-term rates of growth, mortality and fertility of hard corals
    • Part of a larger coral mapping program to better understand corals
  3. Phase 2: Coral nursing and planting.
    • Based on the learnings and outcome of Phase 1.
  4. Many other initiatives on coral restoration have skipped Phase 1.
    • Hoping planting fragments will work and takes on
Pillar 3
Offsetting EverCare’s carbon footprint

EverCare is committed to actively monitor and review their carbon footprint and offset and reduce where possible.


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