Your ultimate drilling fluid loss (LCM) solution

Effective drilling fluid loss control is a significant concern for our clients in the oil and gas industry. Drastic and uncontrolled fluid loss can adversely impact on productivity, performance, cost, the environment and safety. We are keenly aware that specialist knowledge and reliable solutions are key.

A S Harrison & Co is excited to introduce FRAC-ATTACK® – a fast-acting solution to lost circulation in all types of fractures, formations, and blow-out situations. It has a proven record of curing the most challenging lost circulation problems, making FRAC-ATTACK® your number one LCM solution.

Why choose FRACK-ATTACK®?

FRAC-ATTACK® is a pre-mixed and packaged pill for severe applications. It mixes in drill water and is compatible in all types of fluid systems. FRAC-ATTACK® can help eliminate the guesswork associated with a response to harsh losses.

  • Not affected by pH or temperature
  • Improves formation integrity allowing heavier mud weights to be used
  • The seal remains strong and intact to withstand pressures
  • Complete seal, usually in one application
  • Exceptionally effective in controlling under-ground crossflows and blow-outs
  • No pre-spots or spacers required
  • Mixes easily in drill water regardless of mud system being utilised
  • No special mixing tanks, equipment or pumps required. Can mix in slugging tank

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Girish Nair
National Account Manager
Ph: +61 407 297 919


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