Water Analysis

ROSSEP® lab simulation, developed by AWC, offers a dependable method for validating and optimising antiscalant dosages in reverse osmosis (RO) and nanofiltration (NF) systems based on water analysis. This innovative process streamlines plant operations, reducing costs and enhancing productivity.

Here are five key ways ROSSEP® benefits customers:

  1. Significant cost reduction in plant operations.
  2. Quick and reliable optimisation of plant operations.
  3. Cost savings through reduced antiscalant and cleaning chemical usage.
  4. Decreased need for RO cleaning, extending cleaning intervals.
  5. Increased overall productivity.

The ROSSEP® process stands out for its ability to accurately replicate the types of scale that may form in a specific system, determine optimal antiscalant dosages and pH levels, and generate more precise data than traditional pilot trials—without interference from organic/biological or suspended solids fouling. Moreover, ROSSEP® can predict the outcome of a six-month pilot trial in just a single day, offering unparalleled efficiency and accuracy.

The ROSSEP® process involves several steps:

  1. Collect water analysis and system information, including plant configuration and RO types.
  2. Utilise Proton® software to run projections, inputting water analysis and plant configuration data.
  3. Synthesise concentrate water to emulate the projected plant water accurately.
  4. Replicate field operations in the lab by running synthetic water through a pilot RO plant, mimicking exact conditions.
  5. Determine fouling mechanisms by observing the pilot RO plant trial.
  6. Compare inhibitors required in the RO plant trial with those projected by the Proton® software.
  7. Optimise dosage and pH based on the real trial results, addressing any software errors.
  8. Apply the correct chemicals at the appropriate rates to achieve optimal performance.

ROSSEP® offers a comprehensive and efficient method for validating and optimizing RO/NF antiscalant dosages, resulting in improved plant operations, cost savings, and increased productivity for water treatment facilities.


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