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Antiscalant software has revolutionised the way reverse osmosis (RO) systems are designed and operated, and Proton® stands out as one of the most powerful and advanced software packages in the market, crafted by American Water Chemicals (AWC). Unlike conventional software, Proton® offers a comprehensive approach to membrane antiscalant selection and system design, taking into account membrane properties, flux rates, and scale kinetics at various stages of the system.

Calculates Boron and Arsenic Rejection

Proton® offers numerous advantages that make it indispensable for RO system design and optimisation. It allows users to compare feed pressure and permeate water quality for different membranes under identical conditions, facilitating informed decision-making. The software also accurately calculates boron rejection with varying pH, temperature, and ionic strength, as well as predicting arsenic rejection—a feature unavailable in other software.

Design of Pre-Treatment Coagulation & Post-Treatment Degasification

One key highlight of Proton® is its ability to provide calculations for the design of pre-treatment coagulation and post-treatment degasification, ensuring comprehensive system optimisation. Moreover, Proton® is the only software available that considers scale kinetics, offering unparalleled accuracy in scaling potential predictions.

Identifies Powerful Indices

Proton® offers five powerful new indices, notably the Calcium Carbonate Nucleation Index (CCNI) and the Antiscalant Precipitation Index (API), which provide valuable insights into membrane scaling behavior and antiscalant performance. By utilising these indices, users can make informed decisions regarding antiscalant dosing and system design, optimising RO system performance and efficiency.

Overall, Proton® sets a new standard for antiscalant software, offering unmatched accuracy, versatility, and predictive capabilities. With its advanced features and comprehensive approach, Proton® empowers users to design and operate RO systems with confidence, ensuring optimal performance and reliability in water treatment applications.


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