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Water Treatment Services

Water treatment services encompass a range of solutions vital for ensuring clean and safe water for various applications. From advanced software solutions to in-depth membrane autopsies and comprehensive water analysis, these services play a crucial role in optimising water treatment processes and minimising operational costs.

Antiscalant Software

Antiscalant software, exemplified by Proton®, has revolutionised the design and operation of reverse osmosis (RO) systems. By considering membrane properties, flux rates, and scale kinetics, Proton® enables informed decision-making, leading to significant cost reductions and increased productivity. It accurately calculates boron and arsenic rejection, designs pre-treatment coagulation and post-treatment degasification, and identifies powerful indices for optimal system performance.

Membrane Autopsies

Membrane autopsies are indispensable for diagnosing and mitigating membrane fouling and scaling issues. A comprehensive analysis involves over 20 specific tests to determine the cause of fouling and scaling, allowing for tailored solutions to decrease operational costs and extend membrane lifespan. With meticulous testing procedures, including visual inspections, membrane performance testing, and advanced microscopy techniques, membrane autopsies provide actionable insights for improving system efficiency.

Antiscalant Dosages Water Analysis

Water analysis, facilitated by innovative lab simulations like ROSSEP®, offers a reliable method for validating antiscalant dosages based on precise data. By replicating real-world conditions and accurately predicting scaling potential, ROSSEP® streamlines plant operations, reduces chemical usage, and enhances overall productivity. The process involves collecting water analysis, synthesising concentrate water, and optimising antiscalant dosages based on trial results, ensuring optimal performance in RO and nanofiltration systems.

Water treatment services, including antiscalant software, membrane autopsies, and water analysis, are essential for maintaining efficient and cost-effective water treatment processes. By leveraging advanced technologies and comprehensive analytical techniques, these services help mitigate fouling and scaling issues, optimise chemical dosages, and ensure the delivery of clean and safe water for various industrial and municipal applications.


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