AWC’s membrane cleaning chemicals are formulated for all types of Reverse Osmosis membrane systems, ranging from those used in Food and Beverage applications to Water Reuse applications.

Product DescriptionBenefitsApplications
Low pH powder RO membrane cleaning chemical.Effectively dissolves and chelates iron, aluminium and other metal oxides.
Chelates light deposits of pH independent precipitants such as calcium fluoride, calcium sulphate, barium sulphate & strontium sulphate.
For dissolution of carbonate, phosphate and hydroxide scales
Cost effective low pH cleaner.
Dissolves 35X more iron oxide/ hydroxide than citric acid. Efficiently solubilises aluminum oxide/ hydroxide deposits. Excellent dissolution of carbonate and phosphate scales.For use with RO and NF membranes
Low foaming liquid formulation.
Penetrates biofilms and organic foulants and disperses clays and colloidal silica. Supports the cleaning of sulfate, fluoride and silicate scales. Compatible with all Thin Film Composite R.O. membranes from all major membrane suppliers. Certified by NSF to NSF/ANSI Standard 60 for use in potable systems.Designed for use as a high pH cleaner of polyamide thin film composite membranes.
Membrane cleaning compound.
Does not contain ammonium bifluoride or hydrofluoric acid.
Effectively dissolves and chelates iron, aluminum and other metal oxides and hydroxides. Formulated to prevent calcium fluoride scaling during use. Stabilised fluoride formulation does not cause chemical burns.
For dissolution of heavy silica deposits.
High strength powder formulation.Produces an effervescent bubbling effect that improves cleaning efficacy. Effective in dispersing some biofilms that may have formed a matrix with the metal oxides. Assists in removal of carbonate and sulphate scales.Specifically designed to remove metal oxides from polyamide thin film composite membrane surfaces and water softener resins.
High strength powder formulation. Penetrates and disperses biological slime. Disperses inorganic particulates such as silts, clays and other colloidal particles. Removes polymers, emulsified oils, dyes and organic colours from the membrane surface. Buffered to maintain pH range even when product is accidentally overdosed.Specifically designed for removal of heavy organic fouling from membrane surfaces.
For removal of tough organic scales.Designed for removal of tough organic scales such as calcium phosphonate, calcium polyacrylate and calcium citrate. Removes inorganic carbonate, phosphate & hydroxide scales.Effective in cases of severe scaling.
Dissolves polymerised silica scaling as well as colloidal silica fouling. Removes greases, oils, inorganics & biofilms.• Chelates metal hydroxide deposits and some sulphate scales. Does not contain any hydrofluoric acid or ammonium bifluoride.Designed for use as a high pH silica cleaner on polyamide thin film composite membrane surfaces.
AWC C-238High strength liquid.
Dissolves stubborn strontium sulphate, calcium sulphate & barium sulphate scales.Specifically designed for removal of sulphate scale.
High strength liquid.
Dissolves stubborn strontium sulfate, calcium sulfate, and barium sulfate scales
Compatible with all Thin Film Composite RO membranes from all major membrane suppliers.
Formulation specifically designed for removal of sulfate scales
This is a snapshot of the products that we have available, please contact your A S Harrison & Co representative for a discussion on the products appropriate for your applications.


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