Water TreatmentMicro and Ultrafiltration

Micro and Ultrafiltration

We provide cleaning chemicals for removal of severe organic foulants from ultrafiltration (UF) and microfiltration (MF) systems.

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Product Features
AWC A-114 UFAnti-ScalantA phosphorous free antiscalant that inhibits formation of carbonate, sulphate & phosphate scales in MF & UF systems.• Compatible with metal coagulants & non-ionic flocculants.
• Phosphorous free & environmentally compatible.
AWC UF-405CleaningLow pH powder MF/UF cleaning compound for dissolution of carbonate & phosphate scales.• Effectively dissolves & chelates iron, aluminium & other metal oxides.
AWC UF-426CleaningHigh pH powder MF/UF cleaning compound that penetrates & lifts biofilms, organic foulants, oils, greases & other hydrocarbons.• Disperse inorganic particles such as silts, clays & other colloidal particles.
AWC UF-428CleaningChlorinated high pH powder for removal of heavy biological and organic fouling, compatible with PES membranes (Note: alternative options are available for different membrane material).• Disperse inorganic particles such as silts, clays & other colloidal particles. • Dissolves metal hydroxides from coagulants.

This is a snapshot of the chemicals that A S Harrison have available, please contact an A S Harrison & Co representative for a discussion on the appropriate chemical for your application.



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