Closed Loop Toad® is a water-soluble PVA bag of Vapour phase Corrosion Inhibitors for corrosion protection in closed loop cooling systems during operation or layup.

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Closed Loop Toad®Combination of Vapor phase Corrosion Inhibiting (VpCI®) powders packaged in polyvinyl-alcohol (PVA) water-soluble bags.Prevents corrosion of metals in the liquid phase, vapor phase, and at the air water interface. The bag dissolves and the VpCI® molecules adsorb onto all metal surfaces, reaching even recessed areas and interior cavities. These corrosion inhibitors form a strong protective molecular layer on the metal. Closed Loop Toad® also contains a blend of organic-based scale inhibitors to prevent scale.Protects iron, aluminum, copper (contact only), and galvanised steel. Four bags treat up to 1,000 gallons (3.8 m³) of water.
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