VpCI® protects metals such as aluminum alloys, steel and copper from corrosion in low to medium pressure boilers.

Product Description BenefitsApplications
VpCI®-615VpCI®-615 is a phosphonate-based long-term corrosion
VpCI®-615 is a complete corrosion and scale inhibitor liquid concentrate for use in low to medium pressure boilers.Protects ferrous metals, aluminum alloys, and galvanised steel in low to medium pressure boilers.
VpCI®-617VpCI-617 is a water-based corrosion inhibitor.VpCI-617 is a water-based corrosion inhibitor to protect low to medium pressure boilers during operation. Contains an antiscalant for high mineral waters. Neutralises acids in condensate systems and depletes oxygen to prevent boiler damage. Protects steel and copper. Low to medium pressure boilers.
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