Boiler Applications

Corrosion inhibitors are indispensable in water treatment environments, especially in boiler applications where metal integrity is crucial for safe and efficient operation.

Dry Lay Up of Boilers

One such innovative solution is Boiler Lizard, specifically engineered for the dry lay-up of boilers. Boiler Lizard provides robust protection for metals in enclosed spaces, safeguarding against corrosion during downtime or storage periods. Its advanced formulation creates a protective barrier on metal surfaces, preventing moisture intrusion and corrosion damage, thus ensuring the longevity and reliability of boiler systems.

Corrosion Prevention in High and Medium Pressure Boilers, and Condensate Lines

In high and medium pressure boilers, as well as condensate lines, effective corrosion control is essential to mitigate the detrimental effects of oxygen and carbon dioxide. Specialised products are designed to combat corrosion in these demanding environments, forming a protective layer on metal surfaces to prevent corrosion and extend equipment lifespan. Additionally, these products offer protection for steam condensate lines, ensuring the integrity of the entire boiler system and maintaining operational efficiency.

Corrosion Prevention in Low to Medium Pressure Boilers

For low to medium pressure boilers, where metals such as aluminum alloys, steel, and copper are commonly used, corrosion protection is paramount. Specially formulated inhibitors provide tailored protection against corrosion, preserving the structural integrity of boiler components and preventing costly damage. By forming a protective film on metal surfaces, these products effectively inhibit corrosion, ensuring reliable performance and prolonging the service life of boiler systems.

Overall, corrosion inhibitors play a crucial role in boiler applications within water treatment environments, offering targeted protection against corrosion in various operating conditions. Whether it’s dry lay-up protection with Boiler Lizard, corrosion control in high-pressure systems, or safeguarding metals in low to medium pressure boilers, these specialized products provide essential defense against corrosion, ensuring the durability and efficiency of boiler systems for years to come.


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