BCP™ range is designed to address organic waste, sludge, odors and other water wastewater challenges for agriculture and aquaculture applications.

Product Description BenefitsApplications
BCP25™Dairy Waste BioAugmentation.BCP25™ is a blend of bacteria and enzymes for increasing the efficiency of treating dairy industry wastewater. BCP25™ improves effluent quality, reduces grease build-up, helps control filaments, and lowers odour and foam. It is also helpful in the startup of new plants.Activated Sludge Systems. Trickling Filter and Rotating. Biological Contactor. Lagoon Systems.
BCP54™Fish Farm BioAugmentation.BCP54™ is designed to improve water quality in decorative ponds and aquaculture applications such as fish and shrimp farms. BCP54™ helps improve effluent quality by reducing organic waste, sludge, pH, odors, ammonia, and various toxins. It also reduces excessive nutrients such as nitrogen and phosphorus, thus counteracting the nutrient pollution that leads to algae growth. BCP54™ will work at low oxygen levels since it contains both aerobic and facultative anaerobic bacteria.Ornamental ponds. Fish and shrimp farms (pisciculture and aquaculture).
BCP55™Starch Degradation.BCP55™ contains a special bacterial blend that degrades starch and increases wastewater treatment efficiency. BCP55™ reduces foam, unpleasant odours, and concentrations of BOD and TSS. It can be used to reseed after a plant upset or help new plants with startup.Activated Sludge Systems. Trickling Filter and Rotating Biological Contactor. Lagoon Systems.
BCP56™Fruit, Vegetable and Wine BioAugmentationBCP56™ provides greater resistance to the organic inhibitors present in fruit, vegetable, and wine processing. It helps reduce grease buildup, control filaments, improve effluent quality, and decrease odours.Activated Sludge Systems. Trickling Filter and Rotating Biological Contactor. Lagoon Systems.
BCP80™Manure Treatment.BCP80™ enhances and accelerates the biological digestion of animal wastes (i.e., manure). It is proven effective in helping to reduce odours and sludge accumulations.Manure Pits. Lagoon Systems.
BCP85™Compost Accelerator.BCP85™ is a blend of bacteria, yeast, enzymes, and nutrients that will naturally accelerate the breakdown of household and agricultural organic wastes in composting processes.Compost Systems.
This is a snapshot of the products that we have available, please contact your A S Harrison & Co representative for a discussion on the products appropriate for your applications.


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