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Agricultural & Aquaculture Water Treatment

Agricultural and aquaculture water treatment is vital for sustaining the health and productivity of farms and aquaculture operations. Effective treatment solutions are essential for ensuring water quality in irrigation, livestock drinking water, fish farming, and other agricultural and aquaculture activities. To tackle the diverse challenges posed by organic waste, sludge, odors, and other wastewater issues, innovative products have been developed, offering targeted solutions for different applications.

BioAugmentation Technology

One such solution is the use of BioAugmentation technology tailored to specific agricultural and aquaculture needs. Dairy Waste BioAugmentation, Fish Farm BioAugmentation, Starch Degradation, Fruit, Vegetable, and Wine BioAugmentation, as well as Manure Treatment and Compost Accelerator products, are designed to address organic waste, sludge, and odor challenges effectively. These products introduce beneficial microorganisms into water bodies or treatment systems, accelerating the breakdown of organic matter, reducing sludge accumulation, and eliminating foul odors. By utilizing BioAugmentation products, farmers and aquaculture operators can improve water quality, enhance nutrient cycling, and maintain a healthy ecosystem.

Natural and innovative Solutions to Prevent Fish Kill

In addition to BioAugmentation, Diatomix presents another innovative solution for water treatment in agricultural and aquaculture settings by controlling floating weeds, algae, bad odours and prevent fish kills. Diatomix is a super-concentrate of essential micronutrients, including Iron, Manganese, Zinc, Copper, Magnesium, Boron, Potassium, Molybdenum, Calcium, and Cobalt, all absorbed onto Silica super-concentrate.

This unique formulation enhances the growth of diatom algae, a key component of aquatic ecosystems, promoting water clarity, oxygenation, and nutrient cycling. By fostering the growth of diatom algae, Diatomix contributes to the establishment of a balanced and healthy ecosystem in lagoons, stormwater ponds, recreational lakes, and farm dams, thereby supporting sustainable agricultural and aquaculture practices.


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