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VAN GEL® and VEEGUM® products are natural smectite clays that have been water-washed to optimise
purity and performance. Vanderbilt Minerals’ diversified reserves in the U.S. southwest are the foundation
of our clay’s reputation for uniformity and quality. This secure resource base also enables the continuing
development of new grades in response to customer needs.

  • Stabilise suspensions – the colloidal structure of these natural clays provides excellent suspensions of fine particles in aqueous systems.
  • Stabilise emulsions – effectively keeps the internal phase droplets suspended and separated. As the formed structure isn’t affected by heat, the clay reduce the tendency of emulsions to thin out, cream, or break at elevated temperatures.
  • Modify Rheology – shear-thinning products with controlled thixotropy can be formulated. Suspensions, emulsions and thickened solutions freely spread, pump or pour without losing stability.
  • Plasticise – Impart plasticity to extruded and pressed compositions.
  • Modify Organic Thickeners – often used with organic thickeners to enhance the best characteristics of each. The clays contribute synergistic viscosity and yield value.
  • Perform at High & Low pH – used in products spanning the pH range of 2 to 13.
  • Resist Degradation – because they are minerals, the clays are not decomposed by bacteria, heat or excess mechanical shear.
Product NameProduct Description
VEEGUM® REconomical grade for a wide range of applications.
VEEGUM® HVThis grade provides excellent emulsion and suspension stability at low use levels.
VEEGUM® KThis grade provides good suspension at low viscosity while having low acid demand and high electrolyte and acid compatibility.
VEEGUM® HSProvides maximum electrolyte stability and minimum acid demand.
VEEGUM® PUREThis general-purpose smectite clay grade is OMRI Listed® and is ideal for emulsion stabilisation, suspension aid and thickener.
VAN GEL® BThe most economical grade for agricultural applications.
VAN GEL® ESA grade that provides maximum electrolyte stability, and optimum pH stability in acidic compositions.
VAN GEL® SXA smectite clay/xanthan gum blend for high thickening and suspension efficiency.

Note: This is a snapshot of the chemicals that A S Harrison have available, please contact an A S Harrison & Co representative for a discussion on the appropriate chemical for your application.


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