Unlock Efficiency and Savings with ROSSEP®: A Revolutionary Solution by AWC

ROSSEP® by AWC emerges as a game-changing innovation in the realm of membrane treatment, offering unparalleled reliability and efficiency in validating and optimizing RO/NF antiscalant dosages. With ROSSEP®, AWC introduces a groundbreaking approach that streamlines plant operations, slashes costs, and boosts productivity, all while ensuring optimal performance.

5 Ways ROSSEP® Benefits You:

  1. Cost Reduction: Experience a significant reduction in plant operation costs, as ROSSEP® optimizes antiscalant dosages effectively, minimizing wastage and maximizing efficiency.
  2. Efficient Optimization: Say goodbye to prolonged optimization processes. ROSSEP® facilitates quick and reliable plant operation optimization, saving you valuable time and resources.
  3. Cost Savings: By utilizing reduced amounts of antiscalant and cleaning chemicals, ROSSEP® not only cuts down on operational expenses but also promotes sustainability.
  4. Extended Cleaning Intervals: Enjoy reduced necessity for RO cleaning and increased intervals between cleaning cycles, enhancing operational efficiency and uptime.
  5. Enhanced Productivity: With ROSSEP®, productivity levels soar as operations run smoother, downtime is minimised, and resources are utilized optimally.

The Power of ROSSEP® Process:

  • Scale Replication: ROSSEP® accurately replicates the types of scale that can form in any given system, providing valuable insights for effective treatment.
  • Optimal Dosage Determination: By reliably determining the most effective antiscalant dosage and optimum pH for a given water analysis, ROSSEP® ensures peak performance with precision.
  • Data Accuracy: Unlike pilot trials, ROSSEP® produces more accurate data, free from interference from organic/biological or suspended solids fouling, guaranteeing reliable results.
  • Time Efficiency: ROSSEP® accelerates the optimization process by accurately predicting the outcome of a 6-month pilot trial in a single day, saving time and resources.
ROSSEP® Steps:
  1. Water Analysis: Water analysis on raw water supply is performed and information on existing system is collected.
  2. Projection: Projections are run using advanced PROTON® software. The projection will determine the concentrate water chemistry in the last element of the RO/NF membrane system and will provide an antiscalant and dosage recommendation.
  3. Synthesis: Synthesise concentrate water to emulate projected plant conditions.
  4. Efficacy Testing: Replicate field operation in the lab, observing trial outcomes.
  5. Material Characterisation: Material characterisation to identify complex scaling/fouling mechanisms that may not be predicted by simple saturation calculation.
  6. Optimise: Testing for various scale inhibitors to optimise product selection.
  7. Cost Savings Analysis: pH and dosage are optimised for operational cost savings.
  8. Recommendation: Dosing system recommendation.

About AWC:

AWC, Water chemicals

AWC stands at the forefront of membrane treatment innovation, renowned for its dedication to developing solutions for challenging membrane applications. Offering a comprehensive range of products and analytical services, including the ROSSEP® process, AWC continues to drive efficiency, sustainability, and excellence in membrane treatment solutions.

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