Specialty liquid friction reducer proven highly effective in extreme operating environments.

Compatible with all Drilling Fluids

Liquid friction reducers are designed to help protect drilling equipment against damage caused by torque, drag and the high pressures encountered complex reservoirs.

Strata-Lube®, a non-toxic, non-flammable proprietary-blend of two fatty acids, is compatible with all drilling fluids. Tolerant of temperatures up to 350°F, Strata-Lube® is also proven effective at increasing rate of penetration (ROP), especially while sliding.

Increase ROP and Decrease Torque and Drag

Strata Kleen and Strata-Lube® work in conjunction to increase ROP and decrease torque and drag.

Unaffected by High Temperatures

Strata-Lube® is one of the few HTH P friction reducers unaffected by high temperatures or an elevated pH. It will not break down into tar balls or cause excessive foaming. By continuous coating of the BHA and all types of bits, it keeps metal and synthetic cutters clean, which prevents premature bit failure and enhances drilling ROP’s with both rock bits and PDC’s.


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