Stay up to date on the latest GM engine oil specification of dexos1™ Gen 3

What is dexos1™ Gen 3?

dexos1™ Gen 3 is the latest global high-spec engine oil requirement for gasoline cars introduced by General Motors (GM). GM has announced that the rollout of Gen 3 will occur on 1st September 2021. dexos1™ Gen 2 claims are to be obsolete by 1st September 2022.

Engine oil technology has improved in tandem to comply with strict industry standards for engine hardware to promote improve fuel economy and engine performance. GM has developed dexos1™ Gen 3 through rigorous testing ensures even greater engine protection than today’s challenging industry standard. dexos1™ Gen 3 has significantly raised the requirement for aeration control, turbocharger protection and engine cleanliness, staying ahead of the latest industry standard (ILSAC GF-6). Refer to the radar chart below for other progression made across the board.

OLOA® 55516 to meet your dexos1™ Gen3 specifications

Oronite’s award winning OLOA® 55516 package was rigorously tested and has been proven to be dexos1™ Gen 3 ready, and will continue to be backwards compatible with dexos1™ Gen 2. Oronite leverages over 100 years of additive expertise to add value to your business. One of its core values is to add flexibility in its products. Its product design strategy PCFlex ADDvantage ensures that their products will simplify logistics while maintaining industry leading engine oil performance.

Oronite values its customers and seeks to maintain enduring relationships. With an established system for collaboration which has conquered the test of time, they ensure to be at the forefront of PCMO technology. With Oronite’s standard setting industry expertise, you can have confidence that your products will perform in a wide variety of conditions. To summarise the advantages:

  • ILSAC GF-6
  • LSPI / SPI protection
  • Flexible base oil, VM and PPD coverage
  • Protects hybrid vehicles
  • Stock locally available

For more information on Chevron Oronite’s products such as OLOA® 55516 or other dexos1™ Gen3 options, contact your A S Harrison & Co Account Manager.


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