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A S Harrison & Co in association with Innospec can provide you with specialty chemicals for the agriculture market. Our adjuvants, emulsifiers, specialty solvents, wetting and chelating agents are used widely in formulations. We develop the technology that optimises formulations for crop protection, plant nutrition, soil improvers, tank-mix adjuvants and wood preservatives. These are time tested, high-quality components that ensure active ingredients can be formulated in stable products that will spread on, stick to, wet, penetrate and protect in the most efficacious way.

Why choose Innospec products?
Our established and successful brand names in Australia and New Zealand include NANSA®, DEHSCOFIX®, EMPILAN®, EMPIPHOS®, EMPIGEN® and the ENVIOMET® range.

Our customers benefit from our quality assurance and customer service reliability, as well as the strength of Innospec’s worldwide manufacturing and distribution capabilities. We understand the complexity of the regulatory environment and our dedicated team can support customers while registering their formulations in Australia and New Zealand.

A S Harrison & Co and Innospec are committed to continuously improve the sustainability of our products and help our customers respond to environmental challenges through innovation and improved product performance. Please contact your A S Harrison & Co representative for more information.


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