SOLIBERINE® for Superior Photoprotection Formulations

In the realm of formulation innovation, SOLIBERINE® emerges as a potent phytobioactive, offering the epitome of nature’s essence with its high concentration of natural active ingredients.

Protecting the Skin from Environmental Aggressors

Derived from Buddleja officinalis flowers found in the Chinese mountains, SOLIBERINE® is rich in phenylpropanoids, verbascoside, and echinacoside. This unique composition forms a robust shield against the damaging effects of light rays, including UV, infrared, and blue light.

Mechanism of Action

SOLIBERINE® boasts a multifaceted mechanism of action, absorbing various types of rays and inhibiting excessive reactive oxygen species (ROS) production. By stimulating cellular detoxification and reducing free radicals and inflammatory mediators, it reinforces the skin’s natural defense mechanisms.

Cosmetic Benefits

The benefits of SOLIBERINE® extend beyond photoprotection, preserving the skin’s youth, quality, and radiance. It combats erythema, dryness, premature aging, and age spots, ensuring optimal skin health and vitality.

Applications in Formulation

With its exceptional photoprotective properties, SOLIBERINE® finds application in a wide range of formulations, including photo protective care and filter boosters. Its versatility makes it a valuable addition to skincare products aimed at safeguarding the skin from environmental stressors.

Proven Efficacy Through In-vitro Tests

In-vitro studies demonstrate the efficacy of SOLIBERINE® in reducing free radical production, protecting the cutaneous barrier against lipid peroxidation, and inhibiting inflammation and hyperpigmentation caused by UV rays. Additionally, it prevents damage to the dermal matrix and stimulates elastin production, further enhancing skin resilience and elasticity.

  • Reduces by 43% the production of free radicals in cells exposed to blue light (HEV).
  • Protects by 54% the cutaneous barrier against lipid peroxidation caused by UV light.
  • Inhibits by 56% the trans/cis conversion of urocanic acid under UV light at the stratum corneum level.
  • Limits inflammation by inhibiting the synthesis of mediators (leukotrienes and prostaglandins) and by visibly reducing the appearance of erythema following UV exposure.
  • Inhibits hyperpigmentation caused by UV rays, and the formation of « sunburn » type cells, which are the source of dark spots.
  • Prevents damage to the dermal matrix by inactivating MMP1 under UV and infrared light, and stimulates the production of elastin.

Unlock Radiant Skin with SOLIBERINE®

SOLIBERINE® serves as a powerful biological defense system against the detrimental effects of natural and artificial light. By preserving skin youth, quality, and radiance, it represents a breakthrough ingredient for formulators seeking to create advanced photoprotective skincare solutions. Incorporate SOLIBERINE® into your formulations and illuminate the path to healthier, more radiant skin.


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