Have you heard of Safflower Seed Protein?

Have you heard of Safflower Seed Protein?

Are you looking for a truly unique and natural alternative for hair and skin care, with surprising claims on hair colour retention and defence from chemical damage?

Search no more! We are excited to introduce Karmyn™ protein by Botaneco, into your ingredients mix.

Benefits of Karmyn™

  • Smooths the hair fibres and provides long-term protection in humidity conditions
  • Provides superior colour retention
  • Protects skin and scalp from oxidative stress and dry environmental conditions

What is Karmyn™ protein?

  • Karmyn™ protein derived from Safflower Seed offers a unique, high quality, an all-natural protein that has not been modified or denatured in any way.
  • Karmyn™ is a non-hydrolysed, water dispersible protein which contains all essential amino acids and residual associated lipids, mainly Omega-9 fatty acids. It’s produced from the protein that encapsulates the triglycerides, vitamins and phospholipid bilayer in the seeds.
  • Using a patented process, Karmyn™ protein is extracted from the seed in its whole, undamaged state. No harsh chemicals or enzymes are used in this process, providing a highly sustainable, plant-based solution.
  • At low pH (3.5 to 4), Karmyn™ undergoes an “internal restructuring” without loss of integrity, which facilitates its ability to bind to other protein substrates such as hair, offering natural, functional protective benefits such as colour protection and cuticle protection.


Karmyn applications


Tested and Proven! Hair Retention Study

Study: Karmyn™ has demonstrated excellent colour retention in dyed hair. In a nine-person study, Karmyn™ was tested at 2% in a conditioner formulation, used daily after shampooing on freshly dyed hair. Images and measurements were taken for the test and the control before dyeing, immediately post-dyeing, and then 7, 21 and 28 days after dyeing.

Results: Measurements derived from the two high resolution sets of images (below) indicated that 71% of the colour was retained after seven days of washing, 52% of colour was retained after 21 days of washing and 48% of colour was retained after 28 days of washing. Chromameter results from the entire panel demonstrated that throughout the study the panellists that used the Karmyn™ conditioner showed less difference in hair colour, indicating improved colour retention.



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