Eftsure Software Solution

A S Harrison & Co has implemented a software solution within its accounts payable processes to enhance security protocols.

The Eftsure software solution is an autonomous, real-time, continuous controls monitoring system that validates the integrity of online transactions and supplier data. This system ensures the precise electronic funds transfer of payments, instilling greater confidence that funds are directed as intended between A S Harrison & Co and our valued suppliers.

Existing Suppliers

Suppliers presently engaged in transactions with A S Harrison & Co should anticipate receiving correspondence from Eftsure. This communication will extend an invitation to verify and confirm essential details, encompassing:

  1. Business name
  2. ABN (Australian Business Number)
  3. Bank account details

New Suppliers

As part of the onboarding process, your designated departmental contact will solicit your company name and email address. Subsequently, you will receive an email invitation from Eftsure, facilitating the registration of your details as a new supplier, encompassing:

  1. Business name
  2. ABN (Australian Business Number)
  3. Address and email
  4. Bank account details

Upon completion of the registration process, an Eftsure team member may contact you within 24-48 hours to authenticate the accuracy of the provided information.

A confirmation email from Eftsure will be dispatched subsequent to the verification of your data.

To update your details, kindly contact the department with which you ordinarily conduct business and request an ‘Eftsure change request.’

It is imperative that you assume responsibility for maintaining the currency of your details. Kindly inform us promptly of any alterations or discrepancies you may identify.

How do I know the person calling me is from Eftsure?

To ensure the authenticity of the call, you will be quoted the 4-digit reference number that was provided when you completed the online form. Our verification expert will then verbally provide you with the last 3 digits of the account number, and ask you to confirm the remaining digits, BSB, bank account name, and ABN.

Below are the only phone numbers they will use for verification purposes:

Global02 9054 4851
NSW/ACT02 7908 5597
VIC/TAS 03 7068 9020 & 03 9917 3846
WA/SA/NT 08 6388 0080 & 08 6219 8254
QLD 07 2113 8441 & 07 3497 3262
New Zealand+64 9801 8276

Security Guidelines

In light of the nature of its operations, Eftsure places utmost importance on security. It is mandatory for all Eftsure personnel to adhere rigorously to stringent security guidelines.

The specter of cyber fraud is a risk A S Harrison & Co treats with utmost gravity.

Should you have any inquiries or concerns prior to, during, and/or subsequent to the submission of your details to Eftsure, we encourage you to contact us without delay.


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