Pipeline Cleaners

Pipeline Cleaners

A S Harrison & Co offers a wide-spectrum of pipeline cleaners for use in both batch and continuous applications to optimise pipeline operations.

Build Up Reduces Oil and Gas Flow

In flowlines, gathering and transmission pipelines, deposits such as iron sulfide, iron oxide and organic solids can build up and lead to operational problems that result in a decline in oil and gas flow.

Pig Sweep™

Our patented* process, Pig Sweep™, uses a nanoparticle solution as a mechanical solution versus a chemical reaction. The particles are held in a liquid solution composed of several drying agents and corrosion inhibitors. Leaving the chemistry of the pipe unchanged and in fact, drying the pipe improving dew point and leaving odorant unchanged. Additionally, there is no need for special chemistry to address each kind of debris. Pig Sweep addresses them all.

The Pig Sweep™ solution is filled with wedged-shaped positively charged nanoparticles that are only 10-12 nanometers thick allowing Pig Sweep™ to penetrate and coat every possible surface of the contaminants in a pipeline.

This solution of nanoparticles is in constant motion allowing the positively charged particles to electrostatically repel each other and seek out the negatively charged electrons in the pipe walls.


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