Take a transformative journey with our sustainable range of hydration ingredients, where efficacy meets eco-consciousness. Crafted for formulators committed to both skin health and environmental well-being, our green alternatives redefine hydration by addressing common skin problems and promoting resilience against external aggressors.

Holistic Skin Defense to Boost Barrier Recovery

Revolutionise skincare formulations with our sustainable ingredients designed to prevent common skin problems while fortifying the skin’s natural defenses. This innovative solution not only shields against external aggressions but also accelerates cutaneous barrier recovery. Empower your formulations to actively contribute to skin health, creating products that go beyond hydration, providing a holistic defense for radiant and resilient skin.

Natural Hydration with Polysaccharides and Malic Acid

Introducing a natural gel derived from fig, a botanical treasure trove for hydration. Rich in polysaccharides that limit water loss, free sugars that retain moisture in the stratum corneum, and malic acid promoting suppleness, this sustainable ingredient is a hydration powerhouse. Elevate your formulations with the essence of fig, delivering a fresh and dewy complexion while minimising environmental impact.

Upcycled Microbiota-Friendly Active Ingredient

Formulate with a conscience using our COSMOS-certified organic, upcycled, and microbiota-friendly active ingredient. Embrace sustainability without compromise, as this innovative solution not only caters to hydration needs but also aligns with the highest organic standards. Join the movement towards eco-friendly formulations, making a positive impact on both skin and the planet.

Natural Active Ingredient for Instant and Lasting Hydration

Incorporate our natural active ingredient, titrated in moisturising sugars, into your formulations for instant and sustained hydration. This green solution quenches the skin’s thirst throughout the day, providing a continuous burst of moisture. Craft products that prioritize hydration without compromising on natural goodness, ensuring skin is perpetually nourished and revitalised.

Transform your formulations with our sustainable hydration ingredients, ushering in a new era of skincare where effectiveness and environmental consciousness coalesce seamlessly. Let your creations be a testament to the possibilities of sustainable beauty.


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