For personal care formulators dedicated to creating cutting-edge products, our sustainable hair care solutions offer a perfect blend of efficacy and eco-consciousness. Dive into a world of natural ingredients, meticulously crafted to enhance hair health while minimising environmental impact.

Derived Natural Active Ingredient for Hair Color Restoration

Embrace a revolutionary approach to hair color restoration with our natural active ingredient derived from the molecule Picroside II. Designed to cater to your formulation needs, this powerhouse ingredient revitalizes and restores the natural color of hair. Say goodbye to synthetic dyes and welcome an eco-friendly alternative that elevates both formulation excellence and sustainability.

Alopecia Defense with Natural Active for Scalp Microbiota Health

For those formulating against hair loss concerns, look no further. Our natural active ingredient tailored to combat alopecia not only safeguards hair health but also acts on the scalp microbiota. This innovative solution fortifies hair roots and fosters a healthy environment for optimal growth. Formulate with confidence, knowing you’re contributing to both hair vitality and environmental responsibility.

Hydrolysed Keratin a Formulation Resilience for Hair, Nails, and Skin

Calling all formulators focused on strength and radiance! Our Hydrolysed Keratin formulation is the answer. Tailored for hair, nails, and skin, this sustainable ingredient maintains health and strength while providing a robust defense against free radicals. Elevate your formulations with a natural shield that resonates with the ethos of both personal care and sustainability.

Botanical Brilliance Conditioning with Phytohormones and Proteins

Formulators seeking superior conditioning effects, take note. Our natural active ingredient, rich in phytohormones, polysaccharides, and proteins, brings botanical brilliance to your formulations. Enhance texture, manageability, and conditioning without compromising on the green, clean, and conscious ethos of modern personal care formulations.

Revolutionise your personal care formulations with these sustainable hair care solutions – where innovation meets environmental responsibility. Create products that not only prioritize hair health but also contribute to a more sustainable future in personal care.


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