Functional Ingredients

Join the palm-free, sustainable skincare revolution through the innovations in functional ingredients with our palm-free range of skincare solutions, meticulously crafted to redefine beauty while preserving the environment.

Alternative to Cetearyl Alcohol

These revolutionary products boast natural structuring agents and co-emulsifiers, offering unparalleled stability as a green alternative to cetearyl alcohol.

Natural Non-Ionic Co-Emulsifier and Structuring Agent

Step into a world of texture and sensorial delight with our natural nonionic co-emulsifier and structuring agent. This eco-friendly formulation not only delivers exceptional stability but also creates a unique tactile experience, setting new standards for sustainable skincare.

Stabilise and Opacify with Olive and Coconut Derivatives

Our range includes stabilisers and opacifiers derived from olive and coconut, minimising the need for conventional co-emulsifiers in formulations. Embrace the power of nature to enhance stability and opacity, achieving skincare excellence without compromising on sustainability.

Versatility Unleashed: Multi-Functional Co-Emulsifiers

Revolutionise your formulations with our powerful co-emulsifier, compatible with nonionic, anionic, or cationic oil-in-water emulsions and water-in-oil emulsions. This versatile ingredient expands the possibilities for skincare products, allowing formulators to create a diverse range of textures and applications.

Solid Powder Emollient – Melt at Skin Temperature

Experience the magic of a solid powder emollient that melts seamlessly at skin temperature. This innovation provides a soft, luxurious feel, ensuring your skincare routine is not only sustainable but also indulgent. Say goodbye to compromises and hello to a pampering skincare experience.

Luxurious Textures with Natural Solid Emollient

Elevate your skincare formulations with our natural solid emollient, designed to deliver unique textures and sensorial properties. Reducing sweating and drag in anhydrous products, this ingredient adds a touch of luxury to your formulations, making sustainability synonymous with indulgence.

Embrace the future of skincare with our palm-free, sustainable ingredients. Beauty and sustainability can coexist harmoniously, offering a transformative experience for both your formulations and the environment.


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