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LexFilm® is a water-proofing agent and solubiliser for UV actives.

LexFilm® SprayLexFilm® Spray is a Polyester-10 (and)
Propylene Glycol
Water resistant film-forming system for hydro-alcoholic spray sunscreens. Optimise SPF value, Solubilise organic UV filters, Designed for sprayable formats, Soluble in water/alcohol phases, Pourable liquid for ease-of-useSun care, Hydroalcoholic sprays, Emulsions, Sticks, Skincare, Color cosmetics.
LexFilm® Sun
LexFilm® Sun is a Polyester-7 (and) Neopentyl Glycol
Water resistant polymer and solubiliser for sun care. Optimize SPF value, Compatible with organic and inorganic UV filters, Solubilize organic UV filters, Compatible in spray formats, Readily biodegradable, Light, soft skin feel, Reduces greasiness, China IECIC listed.Sun care, Hydroalcoholic sprays, Sticks, Skincare, Color cosmetics.
LexFilm® Sun Natural MB
LexFilm™ Sun Natural MB is a Capryloyl Glycerin/
Sebacic Acid Copolymer.
100% natural, multi-dimensional film-forming polymer for sun care applications. Compatible with organic & inorganic UV filters, Inorganic UV filter dispersing medium, COSMOS approved, Liquid, pourable fluid, Readily biodegradable, Entirely plant based, Advanced polymer structure, Optimize SPF value, Achieve water-resistance, Breathable, cushiony sensory profileSkin Care, Sun Care, Natural products, Color Cosmetics.


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