Lexorez®is a film-forming polymer used in sunscreens to provide water resistance or used in sunless tanning products.

100 MB
Lexorez®100 MB is a Adipic Acid/Diglycol
Crosspolymer, Film Former.
Film-forming polymer used in sunscreens to provide water resistance. It is a 100% active, viscous liquid and it is dispersible in most organic UV absorbers and emollients and can also be used in colour cosmetics to provided transfer resistance. Achieve water-resistance.Sun care, Skincare, Color cosmetics
Lexorez® 200 MBLexorez® 200 MB is a Trimethylpentanediol/
Adipic Acid/Glycerin Crosspolymer, Film Former.
Viscous liquid, film-forming polymer used to provide water resistance. It can be used in colour cosmetics, such as lipsticks, mascara, and foundations, to provided transfer resistance. It is dispersible in all oils, and can be completely soluble in highly polar emollients and UV absorbers, such as sunscreens and all other sun care products.Sun care, Skincare, Color cosmetics, Eye & lip, Foundations & tinted moisturisers ,BB-cream, CC-cream.


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