Ferment’Active range are full of antioxidant power and activated by a specific biotechnological fermentation process, used successfully in protective and anti-ageing skin care.

Product Description Benefits Applications
Ferment’Active Goji Ferment’Active Goji is a Lycium Chinese Fruit Extract. Protection – increased polyphenol levels. Protect molecules against environmental attacks, the skin is better able to fight against premature ageing. Polyphenols are three times that of simple goji extract.  The signs of ageing are delayed. Protective Care. Anti-Ageing Cosmetics. Sun Care.
Ferment’Active Pomegranate Ferment’Active Pomegranate is a Punica Granatum Fruit Extract. Anti-ageing – increased antioxidant power.   Antioxidant power booster by a factor of 1.5.  With strengthened defenses against environmental attacks, the skin is better able to fight against premature ageing, The signs of ageing are delayed, Traps free radicals and prevents oxidative stress in cell structures. Anti-Ageing Care , Protective Cosmetics, Sun Care.
Ferment’Active Raspberry Ferment’Active Raspberry is a Rubus Idaeus (Raspberry) Fruit Extract. Brightening – increased AhA activity, Skin is moisturised, bright, younger-looking.  Contains lactic acid at much greater levels than simple raspberry extracts.  Hair is shiny and glossy. Complexion Radiance Care. Lightening treatments. Anti-ageing Care. Moisturising Care. Protective Care.


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