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ProCondition™ 22 and ProCondition™ Sativa are naturally derived conditional agents for hair and body used in Personal Care products.

ProCondition™ 22ProCondition™ 22 is a Brassicamidopropyl Dimethylamine, Conditioning Agent.Superb Hair Lubricity, Electrostatic attraction to hair can be tailored by adjusting formulation pH. Formulation Stability. Naturally derived conditioning agent.
Superior viscosity build, anti-static and
Rinse-off hair conditioners, Leave-on conditioners, Styling lotions, Pomades, Co-emulsifier in skin care emulsions

ProCondition™ Sativa
ProCondition™ Sativa is a Cannabisamidopropyl
Dimethylamine, Conditioning Agent.
Multifunctional hair conditioning agent and emulsifier derived from Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil. Non-quat cationic conditioning, Creates lamellar gel networks, Versatility in viscosity building, Primary emulsifier, Non-irritating to skin or eyes.Hair Care, Conditioners
Shampoos, Hair Treatments, Serums, Cleansing, Body Care
Shave and Beard.


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